Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New EP: When Traditions No Longer Answer Our Questions

At last the new EP is here! It features five tracks written by the band and is available to stream on our Soundcloud page www.Soundcloud.com/calmasthecolour and to download for a mere £4 (Or £1 per individual track) at Calmasthecolour.bandcamp.com

Daz took the time to explain what the songs were about, so here's his run down of the tunes:

When Traditions no Longer Answer your Questions was inspired by the work of a sociologist called Karl Popper. It's the nearest we could get to a statement that said in modern day society you only have yourself to count on. Be an individual.

The first tune is Windows of Our Times Collide. The music was written by Mic and Kris. It's like a happy Jesus and the Mary Chain with dynamic drums. The song is about two people who were close when they were younger but different situations engineered different paths in life. Mainly university and Barlinnie jail.

The second tune is the Light is Rising which is an old song of Mics I used to play acoustically two years ago on the Glasgow circuit. Kris layered it up so it's more shoegazey and full of energy. What it's about? Only Mic knows he wrote the lyrics ha.

The third tune is A Little Precarious and was written by Phil and Mic. This one is like Half the World Away by Oasis. It's about escaping the clutches of my girlfriend at the time and hiding in the city. No love songs in this band.

Fourth tune is Everywhere is Here. Again Mic, the Dennis Wilson of the band, wrote this on acoustic guitar, took it to the studio and Phil and Kris layered it up. It's the closest we will ever get to JAMC. It's about being an introverted person and waiting for the right moment to put your point across.

The last tune is Flowers on the Hill.  It was written by me whilst sitting in Glasgow watching the world go by. Mic, Smithy and phil all chipped in to make it sound pretty psychedelic. It's about the old communities in the east end and how they struggled to even exist. Hence the lyric fate or free will.

We put a lot of work into this record and are delighted how it turned outChris Kay has done a fantastic job producing and mixing it again and we are eternally grateful for his work and letting us commandeer his bedroom while making it!

We hope you enjoy it and will spread the word to anybody who will listen!

Peace x 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Winter Update

The recording of our latest EP 'When Traditions No Longer Answer Our Questions' is nearly complete and after hearing a rough mix of 'Windows of Our Times Collide', we can't wait to share more of our tunes with everyone.

For us as music fans, we love going into a music shop and buying a physical copy of an album but sadly these days, nobody really buys an actual CD, so we're looking at putting the new EP on iTunes and only ordering a limited number of physical ones; so be alert and get one sharpish when the time comes!

We are pretty packed with gigs leading upto Christmas and also have a radio appearance on Kingdom Cuts (check them at their new home at Existenceradio.co.uk) booked as well (full gig listings at the end of the post).  There's no official EP launch booked as of yet but watch this space!

                                               **** UPCOMING GIGS ****

        Kinross Music Festival, Kinross, Friday 23rd November
        PJ Molloys, Dunfermline, Saturday 24th November (supporting Strawberry Ocean Sea)
        The Greenside, Leslie, Friday 7th December (supporting Chris Helme)
        Non-Zeros, Dundee, Saturday 22nd December


If you haven't already, 'like' our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more updates and music chat at: www.facebook.com/calmasthecolour2012 and www.twitter.com/calmasthecolour

Hope to see you all at a gig soon!



Sunday, 21 October 2012


We were delighted to feature in Jim Gellatly's New Music column in The Sun the other week.  It was great exposure for us not only in the national press, but also on the airwaves. Jim was good enough to play 'Sometimes' on his In Demand show on Tay FM, Forth FM and Northsound Radio.

We also made a fan in the shape of Reverend and the Makers, who heard us on Jim's show whilst they were being interviewed.  If you missed The Sun that day, here's the press clipping for you:

We are well under way with the new EP 'When Traditions No Longer Answer Our Questions', which should hopefully be finished by mid-November.  The record shall feature (in no certain order): 'Windows of our Times Collide', 'Everywhere is Here, 'A Little Precarious'. 'Light is Rising' and an acoustic version of 'Keep On'.  As with 'Tomorrow Belongs to a World Apart', we're working with Chris Kay from Cancel The Astronauts and recording it at his studio in Markinch.

It's great to see Kingdom Cuts up and running again, people like Kev Quinn and Jim are important to unsigned bands and they do a great job, so tune into the show! You can find it here at its new home, which is:  http://www.existenceradio.co.uk/ and Kev also contributes a music column on Fife bands here: http://dalgetybaytoday.co.uk/?p=1221 (ironically this one features us).

On the gig front we're busy as always.  We played a new live music night at Glasgow's Buff Club on Friday there and are a late edition to the bill for Oxjam at Electric Circus in Edinburgh this Thursday.  Cancel The Astronauts and Matt Norris and the Moon are also on that rather stellar looking line up and it's for a good cause!

Our gig schedule upto December is as follows:


* Oxjam, Electric Circus, EDINBURGH, 25th October*
* Greenside, LESLIE, 16th November*
* Kingdom Cuts, Live Sessions, 18th November*
* Kinross Music Festival, KINROSS, 23rd November*
* PJ Molloys with Strawerry Ocean Sea, 24th November*
* Flat 0/1, GLASGOW, 1st December*

Hopefully we'll have an EP launch in there and maybe a new video too! We hope to see you all at a show soon! 



Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Calm as the Colour on NME TV

Well those good folks at the NME got hold of our video for 'Sometimes' and put it up on their site ('A Day to Do Whatever' live is up there too) which is pretty cool! Let's hope it leads somewhere eh!

Here's the link http://www.nme.com/nme-video/youtube/id/TtX1gLGraXo or just type Calm as the Colour into the search bar

Peace x

Monday, 1 October 2012

We recommend...

MODERN DAY music means that the internet is an all important way for bands to get the word out and us lads at Calm as the Colour HQ would like to share with our fans a couple of bands that are not only good friends of ours, but we think you guys may like a lot. Spread the love!


These Cambridge-based rockers are a cracking psychedelic garage rock band- think of Kasabian and T-Rex and you're in the right direction.  Their 70s guitar riffs and stunning vocals from frontman Dan Cahill have seen this band earn a sterling reputation for their live set up and down the country, which has earned them slots on both BBC Introducing's live stages and radio shows.   They recently released their debut album 'All fired up', which you can buy on iTunes, so go buy it!



THIS QUIRKY five-piece from Edinburgh recently released their debut album 'Animal Love Match' to critical acclaim.  These guys have been around for a few years now and have gone from strength to strength ever since. They can boast such achievements as a live set for Vic Galloway, a support slot with both Graham Coxon and Frightened Rabbit, and playing T in the Park in 2011.

This is indie-pop music at it's original and best; their melodic guitar hooks and synth driven-sound, coupled with a powerful, rocky drum beat provide the stage for singer Matt's fantastic lyrics and emotive vocal delivery. Just as the music threatens to get a little 'too pop', they throw in a healthy bit of ambient shoegazey guitars to keep things fresh. Check out the video for 'Intervention' from the album.


Sunday, 23 September 2012

'Sometimes' OFFICIAL video

Finally it's here!! This is our first full band video for our song 'Sometimes' from the 'Tomorrow belongs to a world apart' EP.  It was filmed with the excellent Little City Pictures in and around our rehearsal studio in Markinch and Kirkcaldy.

We are delighted with the results and enjoyed working with Steve and Chris on the project.  We wanted to keep a 'what you see is what you get' type video, as that's what we are as a band - no costumes and no gimmicks, just as bands like the Stone Roses and Oasis  did it back in the glory days.

We hope you enjoy and to work with Little City Pics again on the new EP!

Check out their work at Littlecitypictures.co.uk

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Live acoustic set

This is a video of a recent performance we done at Bannermans in Edinburgh.  Our regular guitar man, Smithy, had to pull out at the last minute; so Mikey, Daz and I ran through 'Keep On', 'The Rain Must Fall', 'Velvet Sunburst' and 'Sometimes'. 

This was filmed by Little City Pictures who also done the 'Sometimes' video that should be with us by the end of the week.  They've recently done a video for Edinburgh singer/songwriter Callum Beattie and rockers Xavia so check them out on YouTube.