Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New EP: When Traditions No Longer Answer Our Questions

At last the new EP is here! It features five tracks written by the band and is available to stream on our Soundcloud page www.Soundcloud.com/calmasthecolour and to download for a mere £4 (Or £1 per individual track) at Calmasthecolour.bandcamp.com

Daz took the time to explain what the songs were about, so here's his run down of the tunes:

When Traditions no Longer Answer your Questions was inspired by the work of a sociologist called Karl Popper. It's the nearest we could get to a statement that said in modern day society you only have yourself to count on. Be an individual.

The first tune is Windows of Our Times Collide. The music was written by Mic and Kris. It's like a happy Jesus and the Mary Chain with dynamic drums. The song is about two people who were close when they were younger but different situations engineered different paths in life. Mainly university and Barlinnie jail.

The second tune is the Light is Rising which is an old song of Mics I used to play acoustically two years ago on the Glasgow circuit. Kris layered it up so it's more shoegazey and full of energy. What it's about? Only Mic knows he wrote the lyrics ha.

The third tune is A Little Precarious and was written by Phil and Mic. This one is like Half the World Away by Oasis. It's about escaping the clutches of my girlfriend at the time and hiding in the city. No love songs in this band.

Fourth tune is Everywhere is Here. Again Mic, the Dennis Wilson of the band, wrote this on acoustic guitar, took it to the studio and Phil and Kris layered it up. It's the closest we will ever get to JAMC. It's about being an introverted person and waiting for the right moment to put your point across.

The last tune is Flowers on the Hill.  It was written by me whilst sitting in Glasgow watching the world go by. Mic, Smithy and phil all chipped in to make it sound pretty psychedelic. It's about the old communities in the east end and how they struggled to even exist. Hence the lyric fate or free will.

We put a lot of work into this record and are delighted how it turned outChris Kay has done a fantastic job producing and mixing it again and we are eternally grateful for his work and letting us commandeer his bedroom while making it!

We hope you enjoy it and will spread the word to anybody who will listen!

Peace x 

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