Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stream the new EP for FREE!!!

Here you go folks, a link to stream the whole of the new EP 'Tomorrow Belongs to a World Apart' for free!


After what can only be described as probably the shitest weekend the band's had to endure so far, we are absolutely delighted to fire our EP for you to have a good listen to. All four tracks are up in their entirety so go have a listen and see what you think! Downloads and CDs will be ready for next week.

It took a lot of hours in the studio, a lot of ideas bouncing off one another, and ultimately a shitload of hard graft and late nights to get this ready. It took a little longer than we hoped but we're sure you're gonna' love it! Many thanks to our good friend Chris Kay for recording and producing it for us, you guys might also know him as the drummer from the ace Edinburgh band Cancel the Astronauts.

We're also doing an interview and having one of the tunes played on Kingdom FM this week! Tune in at half 9 on Thursday night to hear myself and Daz talking about what we've been up to and what the plans are for the band's future!

If you like what you hear of the new songs, please pass the word on! Bottom line is, no matter how hard we work we are never gonna' get anywhere without a lot of word of mouth niceties! Fingers crossed this propels us on a bit and we can start playing some really big epic shows for you guys and gals!

If you want a physical copy of the new EP then check out the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/calmasthecolour2012 and drop us a message with your details. If you're happy enough with a digital download then it should be up on Bandcamp pretty soon, we'll announce when!

More good times ahead!
Calm as the Colour

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