Sunday, 22 April 2012

EP Release Date Set - well pretty close anyway!

Well we've finally decided on a realistic date to get the EP out there people! Pretty confident it'll be the best thing you've all heard in a long time - we've really gone for it on this one (hence why it's taken us so fucking long to finish)

Anyway - May is when it's out, what day in May, we're not really sure yet. It'll definitely be sometime between the 1st and whatever the last day of the month is though! (no idea how many days there are in May and I can't be fucked checking)

The EP is gonna' be available as a download for you trendy motherfuckers that have Ipods and Itunes and all that nonsense! But, if you're like ourselves and like a proper bit of music to own and cherish, there'll also be a proper CD release! The links to buy both will be on their way to you soon, likely to be £3 to download the 4 tracks or a £5 to buy the hard copy CD!

Keep an eye on this space, it's on its way you cool motherfuckers!


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