Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The first of many...

Welcome to the first blog update for Calm as the Colour. This is the first place you should come to for any news about what the band is getting up to. Sometimes it'll just be about us messing about and doing stupid shite, sometimes it'll be useful stuff about when gigs are on and when CDs are getting released etc.

Last Saturday the band played a gig in Glasgow's Stairway venue. We took some great friends along for the trip and enjoyed the hell out of our night. The venue is shit hot, the live sound is great and the lights on stage make you feel like you're on a permo! The crowd turnout was pretty decent, and we're pretty sure we took another step towards establishing ourselves through in Glasgow. There were some other ace bands on the night too and all in all it was another great gig put on by Kev from Cast the Net promotions! Big thankyou to everyone that came along to see us on the night as well, whether we know you personally or not!

The trip back to Fife was great. Two cars left, one was the wagon driven by myself, filled with friends who came to the gig, ace banter and some Dr Dre on the stereo to make us feel like gangsters! The other was the Roymobile (a silver Ford Fiesta if you're at all curious) with Phil, Mikey and Daz inside. We eventually bumped into eachother on the roads home and had ourselves a mini drag race in the run up to the bridge, fingers were raised and wanker signs were made from the windows - good fucking times!

The band are back in the studio this week, trying desperately to get our new EP 'Tomorrow Belongs to a World Apart' finished as soon as possible! It's sounding really, really great - probably better than we ever anticipated and we cannot wait to get it out there. We've found a company that's gonna' manufacture them for us so the CDs look like little 7" vinyls, gonna' be cool as milk!

We're back in the studio tonight to practise for some upcoming shows. We've been working on a rocked up version of The Rain Must Fall which to be honest is sounding fucking mega!

Cheers for checking out the first of what will be many blog updates for the band! If you fancy a listen to some of our stuff check out the following links...

In the meantime, peace out and stay cool - Kris

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