Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New tunes/new versions and a new gig!

Belter of a band practice tonight! Dazvader (pictured above in a rather fetching Stone Roses tshirt) has written a cracking new tune we'll be working on in the coming weeks!

In addition to this, we've had a wee muck about with the live version of The Rain Must Fall, that classic indie-pop song you guys know and love, and turned it into a snarling rock 'n' roll tune! Just good to mix it up a bit sometimes eh? If you get along to the Venue in Methil on the 28 April (10 days) you'll be able to hear us debut it, plus there's a shitload of other bands on too!

For more information about the Venue gig just click the link below! It's actually for a very worthwhile cause too, which is a massive bonus! Not every rockstar's a self-obsessed wanker y'know, some of us like to help folk out when we can too - and what better way than bringing a little shoegaze into everyone's lives!

Peace out for now - Kris

Event page -!/events/369957556356224/
CATC FB -!/pages/Calm-as-the-colour/112207495517133

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